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Norsk Bijou Cattery

Litter L

Our Litter L was long ago planned and finaly is here!:) Mome Becky gave birth to 3 male and 1 female kittens from Daddy Casanova on 29-th of June 2012!:) We are very happy with it!!! :-)
GIC BG* Bijou-Becky Truened
NFO f 23
IC BG* Casanova Norsk Bijou
NFO n 09 22
Litter L - 29.06.2012

age 1 day

1 week

5 days

BG* Lover Casanova Norsk Bijou
black mackerel tabby bicolour

male NFO n 03 23 sold to Cindy Luyten - Thorgunna Cattery, Belgium

5 days

BG* Lyu-Lin Boy Norsk Bijou
black spotted tabby with white

male NFO n 09 24 sold via Gabrielle Amsterdam, Netherlands

5 days

BG* Leo Lumic Shine Norsk Bijou
red mackerel tabby with white

male NFO d 09 23 sold to Cristina Maria Ana, Bucharest, Romania

5 days

BG* Lina-Lyu Diva Norsk Bijou
black tortie tabby spotted with white

female NFO f 09 24 sold to Mugur Dogariu, Bucharest, Romania