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Norsk Bijou Cattery

Litter H

Our "White" Litter H is fact! Mome Becky gave birth to just 2 kittens from Daddy Rameses - 2 handsome white boys, who are different from usual here in terms of their size - since their birth they appear like elefants!!!:-) This litter brings us much joy!:-)
IC BG* Bijou Becky Truened
NFO f 23
EC NL* Bergansius Rameses,JW
NFO w 63
Litter H - 25.09.2009

favourite position during the pregnancy;-)

age 1 day

1 week

2 weeks

3,5 months

17 days           4 days

BG* Hakon Hemus Norsk Bijou

male NFO w sold to Yuliana Vasileva, Plovdiv

3,5 months

17 days           4 days

BG* Hercules Hilton Norsk Bijou
odd-eyed white

male NFO w 63 sold to Valentina Stoianova & Mladen Blagoev, Sofia