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Norsk Bijou Cattery

Litter В - 15 days old

BG* Bjorn Frederick Norsk Bijou – male, NFO n 09
Lives with Kostovi family in Sofia, Bulgaria
BG* Biscuit Norsk Bijou – male, NFO n 09 22
Lives with Stefanovi family in Sofia, Bulgaria

CH BG* Barny Norsk Bijou
male, NFO n 23

Lives with Ilian Paraskov in Sofia, Bulgaria
26.03.2005, Sofia, Albert Kurkovski, PL - Ex.1
26.03.2006, Sofia, Stephe Bruin, NL - Ex.1, CAC
18.11.2006, Sofia, Laura Burani, NO - Ex.1, CAC
19.11.2006, Sofia, Alva Uddin, SE - Ex.1, CAC, Nom & BOX

BG* Bella Belinda Norsk Bijou – female, NFO n 01 21
Lives with Michevi family in city of Rousse, Bulgaria