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Norsk Bijou Cattery

About Us

The Norsk Bijou Cattery is the first one for Norwegian Forest Cats in Bulgaria. The idea for it came to me /Hristo Simeonov – Cris/ at the end of the last century, after I have received my first cat of this breed. He is the reason for me to fall in love so strongly with this breed and to want more and more Bulgarians to have representatives of the Norwegian Forest Cats. I hope for this breed to find its important place in Bulgarian houses, having in mind that most of the visitors of our shows say about NFOs: “This is a true /natural/ cat!”

About this breed it could be spoken with hours, or even days… A lot of information about it could be found in the specialized felinological literature, specialized sites and forums in the internet.

We aim to breed healthy and typeie cats - as close as possible to the original type, but also with excellent sweet temperament that should be obvious for the cats of this breed.

The cats from the cattery live together with me in my apartment in Sofia and love to be together with people. You can get familiar with their stories and photos in the different sections of this site.


Welcome and have pleasant time with our site!!!