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Norsk Bijou Cattery

IC BG* Casanova Norsk Bijou

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NFO n 09 22

This outstanding handsome boy is the first kitten that is born in our cattery and that we decided to keep with us!:-) First, because he posesses an incredible sweet character - like his father and mother. Second, because he is the only male continuer of this genetic combination and third, because he is such a charmer that nobody can resist /after all, he came with his name;-)/.
His gorgeous parents are:
Sire: EC Hoejmarken's Skjalm, JW the first for Bulgaria cat titled as European Champion and Junior Winner,
Dam: GIC Hedda fra Walaskjalf, DSM the first for Bulgaria cat titled as Grand International Champion!

The odd thing here was that when he was born we thought that he will be without tabby. But later on it appeared - a very beautiful blotched tabby!:-) It started to appear from the second week and finished after 2-4 months.

We are proud that soon after the start of his show carrier our Zanny took part of the FIFe World Winner Show 2007 in Bratislava. And even though he took the second place in his colour and age group, we are proud that Mrs. Nurit Pahl asessed his talants and character on his merits giving him the prize of "Judge's Sweetheart"!

Since May 2009 he is a FIFe Champion and since April 2011 - International Champion!:)

Also, as a youngster he surprized us with our Litter F, proving his name in practice! He is also the father of our Litter L:)

He lives with our friends from Bistra's Forest Cattery where is already sired their Litter B. Thank you Bistra for taking good care of him!:)




























IC BG* Casanova Norsk Bijou
Show results


Place, Country

FIFe Judge


15.09.2007 Kraljevica,
Alfred Wittich, Switzerland Ex.1
16.09.2007 Luigi Comorio, Italy Ex.1
27/28.10.2007 FIFe World Cat Show 2007,
Bratislava, Slovakia
Nurit Pahl, Austria Ex.2, Judge's Sweetheart
17.11.2007 Sofia,
Kristiina Rautio, Finland Ex.1, BIS
18.11.2007 Vesna Riznar Resetic, Croatia Ex.2
09.02.2008 Ljubljana,
Steven Jones, Norway Ex.1
10.02.2008 Fabrice Calmes, Switzerland Ex.1, nom
29.03.2008 Sofia,
Anne-Gro Edstrom, Norway Ex.1
30.03.2008 Loredana Fanelli, Italy Ex.1
12.04.2008 Bucharest,
Lee Selasa, Netherlands Ex.1
13.04.2008 Marie Westerlund, Denmark Ex.1
15.11.2008 Sofia,
Alexey Shchukin, Netherlands CAC
16.11.2008 Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy CAC
02.05.2009 Sofia,
Fabrice Calmes, Switzerland CAC
03.05.2009 Stephe Bruin, Netherlands CACIB
16.04.2011 Bucharest,
Kristiina Rautio, Finland Ex.2
17.04.2011 Luigi Comorio, Italy CACIB
01.10.2011 Bucharest,
Fabio Brambilla, Italy CACIB
02.10.2011 Anne Veland, Austria Ex.2
19.11.2011 Sofia,
Hana Klein Miriam Gasbarri, Italy Ex.2
20.11.2011 Martin Sanda, Czech Rep. Ex.2
21.04.2012 Bucharest,
Dorte Kaae, Denmark Ex.2
22.04.2012 Luis Coste, France Ex.1
12.05.2012 Sofia,
Beverly Elian, Romania CAGCIB
13.05.2012 Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm, Finland Ex.1