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EC DE* Hoejmarken's Skjalm, JW

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From the first day of his arrival here he accustomed himself to the new home and became first friend with Hedda's kittens from Litter B. This can be easily explained, because he is coming from a very big litter of ten (10!) kittens in the Katja Schmatz's cattery in Germany. He was borne on 14-th of July 2004 from the grand international champions GIC Tigressan's Peo (sire) и GIC Lachesis av Bjornsletta, DM (dam) together with his 3 brothers and 6 sisters. On his cattery site you can find more information about him in the Litter S section.

I went to this site because of my curiosity – to see the wonder of 10 kittens in one litter. All of them are very beautiful, but from the very beginning my eyes were attracted by the two red-white boys. After some thinking I chose Skjalm, because he took my heart with his eyes look – showing humility and goodness! Later it appeared that all this is true about his character – 100 % absence of spite and malice!

Skjalm is the cuteiest physically grown up "bebe" - and probably he will never grow up enough!;) He loves to play so much that he forgets sometimes about the "personal space" of the other cats at home:) He is always ready to play with everybody who is around. We love each other very much and even after I scolded him for some mischief he will come again to be pet as if nothing has happened. He loves very much to be pet on his entire body, but especially on his belly. He loves also to lie on my arms and in my lap. He is a creature without any evil in him!!! I hope that as a father he will be very caring and loving one! At shows he is like in Heaven! - he will ask everybody passing by to come and pet him and give him attention!:) He loves to present himself at judges' tables as well and to receive judges' special attention!:)

His show carrier starts at 3 months in Germany, where he gains the right to participate at the FIFe World Cat Show in Vienna, organized by OVEK. He was excellent in Vienna and on his all next shows as well. His show results for 2004 made him 10-th skogkatt kitten in the FIFe world. This happens for first time with a kitten in Bulgaria.

Since March 2005 Skjalm became the First kitten in Bulgaria achieved the FIFe title Junior Winner (JW) – title that remains part of his name forever! Since September 2005 he is already a Champion (CH) and since November - International Champion (IC)! Congratulations! Thus he helped his mother to receive her Destinguished Merit (DM) title!:)
Since May 2006 Skjalm became the first Norwegian Forest male in Bulgaria with Grand International Champion (GIC) title, second male and third cat in total for Bulgaria.
Since April 2007 Skjalm became the very first ever European Champion (EC) in FIFe in Bulgaria. This is a great seccess not only for him, his breeder, our cattery, but also for the breed in Bulgaria and the Balkans' region! BIG Congratullations!!!

We do beleive that he will continue in the future to be from time to time the joy for the show visitors and public and a pleasure for the judges at their tables in Europe.

We are also very proud with his first babies in the Serbian Cattery Gallinagos, thus starting the international cooperation of our cattery in breeding. He also sired his first Norsk Bijou litter - our C-litter from our lady Hedda and M-litter from our Evelinne Hedda!!!:-) He also sired the first Rossitsa's litter from our girl Becky - Litter A!!!:-)

Hoejmarken's S-litter

Skjalm's Litter in the Hoejmarken's Cattery


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EC DE* Hoejmarken's Skjalm, JW
Show results


Place, Country

FIFe Judge


16.10.2004 Luckenwalde, Germany Joachim Salen, Sweden Ex.1, nom
13/14.11.2004 FIFe World Cat Show 2004,
Vienna, Austria
Veikko Saarela, Finland Ex.1, BIV, nom
27.11.2004 Belgrad,
             Serbia i Cerna Gora
Tatjana Malgai Beccari, Slovenia Ex.1, BIS, BOB 3-10
28.11.2004 Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy Ex.1, BIS, BOB 3-10
04.12.2004 Sofia,
Bohumir Mahelka, Czech Rep. Ex.1, BIS, BOB 3-6
05.12.2004 Nurit Pahl, Austria Ex.1, BIS, BOB 3-6
26.03.2005 Sofia,
Albert Kurkowski, Poland Ex.1, BIS, BOB 6-10
27.03.2005 Jannick Renault, France Ex.1, BIS
14.05.2005 Lodz,
Heinz Gunter Scholler, Belgium CAC, BIV, nom
15.05.2005 Ireneusz Pruchniak, Poland CAC
17.09.2005 Velika Gorica,
Loredana Fanelli, Italy CAC
18.09.2005 Rolf Voehringer, Switzerland CACIB
19.11.2005 Sofia,
Ireneusz Pruchniak, Poland CACIB, BOX
20.11.2005 Ireneusz Pruchniak, Poland,
(with FIFe permission)
25.03.2006 Sofia,
Dorte Kaae, Danmark CAGCIB, BIS
26.03.2006 Stephe Bruin, Netherlands CAGCIB, BIS
01.04.2006 Bucharest,
Lili Anciau, Belgum CAGCIB
02.04.2006 Penny Bydlinski, United Kingdom CAGCIB
13.05.2006 Velika Gorica,
Gina Grob, Liechtenstein CAGCIB
14.05.2006 Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy CAGCIB
30.09.2006 Bucharest,
Angelika Kneifel, Germany Ex.2
01.10.2006 Stephe Bruin, Netherlands Ex.2
28/29.10.2006 FIFe World Cat Show 2006,
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Raymond Saetre, Norway Ex.1
18.11.2006 Sofia,
Laura Burani, Norway CACE, BOX
19.11.2006 Alva Uddin, Sweden CACE
27.01.2007 Budapest,
Kvetoslava Mahelkova, Czech R. CACE
28.01.2007 Satu Hamalainen, Finland CACE
31.03.2007 Belgrade,
Alfred Wittich, Switzerland CACE
01.04.2007 Satu Hamalainen, Finland CACE
14.04.2007 Sofia,
Heinz Gunter Scholler, Belgium CACE, nom
15.04.2007 Waltraut Sattler, Germany CACE, nom
28.04.2007 Bucharest,
Bohumir Mahelka, Czech R. CACE
29.04.2007 Kvetoslava Mahelkova, Czech R. PH
09.06.2007 Constantsa,
Lee Sellassa, Netherlands PH
10.06.2007 Kristiina Rautio, Finland PH
17.11.2007 Sofia,
Vesna Riznar Resetic, Croatia PH, nom
18.11.2007 Kristina Rautio, Finland PH