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Norsk Bijou Cattery

EC NL* Bergansius Rameses, JW

NFO w 63

We are so happy for comming of this handsome boy to Bulgaria!:) A Great THANK YOU, Judith Zuuerveld, for trusting us this superb boy!!!:) He is such a help and contribution to the gene diversity here!!! This is the first Bergansius kitten arround - from one of the first catteries from the early 80s!:) He is combination of Bergansius lines with the Blue Tanis'es - his father is EC Love & Peace Blue Tanis, JW from Switzerland. He was born on 30 September 2005 and is one of 5 all-white kittens in his litter and is odd-eyed, which makes him even more interesting!:)

Since he came to Bulgaria he is living at Rossitsa Cattery, here in Sofia, in co-ownership with us. At the beginning he was a bit shy, but in some time he became a sweet and confident Macho!:) He loves to cuddle also to visitors in his home:) Also, he is very gentle to other cats - e.g. with Skjalm and Becky at shows, or with females that come to his house with purpose!;)

His show carrier starts at 4 months in Cannes (France). There he gains the right to participate at the FIFe NFO World Cat Show in Ferritslev (Danmark). He was excellent in Ferritslev, in the FIFe WORLD Cat Show in Maastricht (Netherlands) and on his all other shows. These show results for 2006 made him 1-st skogkatt kitten in the FIFe world - sharing it with 4 other JW-kittens. This success happens for first time with a kitten in Bulgaria. Congratulations Judith!!!:-)

Since April 2006 Rammy became the Second (after Skjalm) kitten in Bulgaria that achieved the FIFe title Junior Winner (JW) – title that remains part of his name forever! Since the WWS in Maastricht'2006 he is already a Champion (CH) ! Congratulations!:)
Since January 2007 Rammy became FIFe International Champion (IC) and since April - the second (after Skjalm) Norwegian Forest male in Bulgaria with Grand International Champion (GIC) title!
Since September 2007 Rammy became the second ever European Champion (EC) of FIFe in Bulgaria. This is another great seccess not only for him, his breeder, our catteries, but also for the breed in Bulgaria and the Balkans' region! BIG Congratullations!!!

After that he remained from time to time to be the joy for the show visitors and public and a pleasure for the judges at their tables in Bulgaria.

We are also very proud with his second and third litters in the Serbian Cattery Gallinagos, thus confirming the international cooperation of our cattery in breeding. He also sired his first litter - our E-litter, which was the last of our Grand-lady Hedda, G-litter - the only litter of our Eleonora, H-litter - the litter of our biggest 2 babies from our Bijou-Becky, J-litter - a litter of 7 kittens from Frida Norsk Bijou and K-litter from our Daisy Diva!!!:-)




Final update:
Oh, Our Sweet Rammy, you were such a sincere companion, friend and a loving boy! We are all missing you so much since cancer took you away from all of us! YOU will never leave our hearts and one day we will be together again!!! You will NEVER be forgotten!!! Rest in Peace!!!



EC Bergansius Rameses, JW
Show results


Place, Country

FIFe Judge


11.02.2006 Cannes,
H.Miriam Klein Gasbarri, Italy Ex.1, BIS
12.02.2006 Flavia Capra, Italy Ex.1, BIS
26.02.2006 NFO World Special 2006
Ferritslev, Danmark
Aliosha Romero, Sweden Ex.1
25.03.2006 Sofia,
Stephe Bruin, Netherlands Ex.1, BIS, BOB (3-6), BOB I
26.03.2006 Dorte Kaae, Danmark Ex.1, BIS, BOB (3-6)
01.04.2006 Bucharest,
Lili Anciau, Belgum Ex.1
02.04.2006 Penny Bydlinski, United Kingdom Ex.1, BIS
13.05.2006 Velika Gorica,
Gina Grob, Liechtenstein Ex.1, BIS
14.05.2006 Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy Ex.1, BIS, BOB (3-10) II
30.09.2006 Bucharest,
Alva Uddin, Sweden CAC
01.10.2006 Angelika Kneifel, Germany CAC, BIS male
28/29.10.2006 FIFe World Cat Show 2006,
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Annika Hoegberg, Danmark CAC
18.11.2006 Sofia,
Alva Uddin, Sweden CACIB, nom
19.11.2006 Laura Burani, Norway CACIB, nom
27.01.2007 Budapest,
Bohumir Mahelka, Czech R. CACIB, nom
28.01.2007 Kvetoslava Mahelkova, Czech R. CAGCIB, nom
31.03.2007 Belgrade,
Alfred Wittich, Switzerland CAGCIB
01.04.2007 Satu Hamalainen, Finland CAGCIB
14.04.2007 Sofia,
Waltraut Sattler, Germany CAGCIB, BIS
15.04.2007 Satu Hamalainen, Finland CAGCIB, BIS
28.04.2007 Bucharest,
Satu Hamalainen, Finland CAGCIB
29.04.2007 Bohumir Mahelka, Czech R. CACE
05.05.2007 Velika Gorica,
Laura Burani, Norway CACE
06.05.2007 Satu Hamalainen, Finland CACE
09.06.2007 Constantsa,
Kristiina Rautio, Finland CACE
10.06.2007 Lee Sellassa, Netherlands CACE
18.08.2007 Ostrava,
            Czech Rep.
Marek Chadaj, Poland CACE
19.08.2007 Luigi Comorio, Italy CACE
15.09.2007 Kraljevica,
Aase Nissen, Danmark CACE, nom
16.09.2007 Luigi Comorio, Italy CACE
27/28.10.2007 FIFe World Cat Show 2007,
Bratislava, Slovakia
Mario Otino, Italy PH.3
17.11.2007 Sofia,
Kristiina Rautio, Finland PH, nom
18.11.2007 Maria Rihova, Czech Rep. PH