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Norsk Bijou Cattery

IC NL* Eleonora van de Grieghof

Eiffel tower
NFO f 09 23

This is my new girl - again from the Kingdom of Netherlands, like my first beauty! I am very proud of her, because she has the loveliest character of a wegie and the loveliest face and expression!:-)

Special THANKS to Hennie Gerlofsma!!! Thank you for trusting me!!!:-)

We hope she will live long and help us and a lot of other people to be happy with her future kittens!;-)

As a kitten, Elly loved to be shown and as adult she is already a FIFe Champion since April 2007. Since November 2007, she became a FIFe International Champion.

In February 2009 Elly finally became a mother of a white handsome boy from Rameses! But, unfortunately, she got some respiratory virus that obviously got transferred to her kitten, who died at the 12-th day of his short life... !







Final update:
Elly, MY Elly, is the best thing that has ever happened to me! On 27 November 2009 she left my home and this world in order to brighten the other world over the rainbow with her charm, trust and loving character!!! But SHE will never leave my heart!!! You will NEVER be forgotten, Elly!!! Rest in Peace!!!



July 2006

Elly in her Dutch home, where she was born - always "busy" to play;-)

IC NL* Eleonora van de Grieghof
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Place, Country

FIFe Judge


17.09.2006 Schiedam, Netherlands Ulrike Wahl, Denmark Ex.2; BIS litter
30.09.2006 Bucharest,
Angelika Kneifel, Germany Ex.1
01.10.2006 Stephe Bruin, Netherlands Ex.1, BIV, nom
28/29.10.2006 FIFe World Cat Show 2006
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Albert Kurkowski, Poland Ex.1
18.11.2006 Sofia,
Laura Burani, Norway Ex.1, BIV, nom
19.11.2006 Alva Uddin, Sweden Ex.1
14.04.2007 Sofia, Bulgaria Heinz Gunter Scholler, Belgium CAC, nom
28.04.2007 Bucharest,
Bohumir Mahelka, Czech R. CAC
29.04.2007 Kvetoslava Mahelkova, Czech R. CAC
29.09.2007 Bucharest,
Vanda Marija Godek, Slovenia CACIB
30.09.2007 Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy CACIB, nom
17.11.2007 Sofia,
Vesna Riznar Resetic, Croatia CACIB, nom
18.11.2007 Kristina Rautio, Finland CAGCIB, nom
30.03.2008 Sofia, Bulgaria Anne-Gro Edstrom, Norway CAGCIB
02.05.2009 Sofia,
Hana Miriam Klein Gasbarri, Italy Ex.2
03.05.2009 Fabrice Calmes, Switzerland Ex.2