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Norsk Bijou Cattery

IC BG* Diamond ShineNorsk Bijou


This outstanding gorgeous boy, like his sister, is from the first kittens that are born in our cattery from *Made in Bulgaria* parents and we decided to keep him with us to continue all the first imported lines over here!:-) He has an adorable and sweet character - like her parents!
He stays together with his marvellous tortie tabby sister CH BG* Daisy Diva Norsk Bijou.:) Together, they are the best buddies that you would want to see at home!!!:-)
Their gorgeous parents are:
Sire: CH BG* Barny Norsk Bijou the first Champion out of our cattery,
Dam: IC BG* Bijou-Becky Truened the first NFO International Champion, bred in Bulgaria!

What makes us proud of is that Daisy and Diamond have one of the best coat quality we have had on our kittens - confirmed by all the judges they met already at the show tables of FIFe!

Since Diamond matured he shares the room with our first imported male EC DE* Hoejmarkens Skjalm, JW - they simply love each other and enjoy each other's company so much! Like brothers!

We are very happy with the Litter I kittens, which is his first litter that he sired!




Final update:
Oh, MY Diamond, you were a true friends to me and Skjalm! We are all missing you so much since 2 May 2011, when you crossed the rainbow bridge in order to join your friends that waited for you!!! YOU will never leave my heart and one day we will be together again!!! You will NEVER be forgotten!!! Rest in Peace!!!



IC BG* Diamond Shine Norsk Bijou
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Place, Country

FIFe Judge


17.11.2007 Sofia,
Marie Rihova, Czech Rep. Ex.1, nom
18.11.2007 Kristiina Rautio, Finland Ex.1
29.03.2008 Sofia,
Loredana Fanelli, Italy Ex.1
30.03.2008 Francoise Milcent, France Ex.1
13.04.2008 Bucharest, Romania Lee Selasa, Netherlands Ex.1
15.11.2008 Sofia,
Gianfranco Mantovani, Italy CAC
16.11.2008 Alexey Shchukin, Netherlands CAC, nom
14.11.2009 Sofia,
Olga Sizova, Russia CAC
15.11.2009 Per Hilfling Olesen, Danmark CACIB
20.11.2010 Sofia,
Sirpa Lindelof, Sweden CACIB
21.11.2010 Henry Hornell, Norway CACIB