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Norsk Bijou Cattery

Bijou - 1993-06.05.2009

Eiffel tower

Bijou of Norsk Bijou
NFO n 09 23

Bijou – the dearest companion in my life. He shared my life since 1994. During the first years together he was just “my buddy” – at that time I was not interested in his breed in details and was not fiery for active felinological activity. I got very enthusiastic from a picture in a book, where it was as if he was pictured – that was the point when I decided that this breed deserves to get popular and find its fanciers in Bulgaria. Since then, I started to get more and more active in work with this breed, but…because of financial difficulties, the goals I have set in this direction are finding their achievement slower than I would like.

My first goal was achieved when I imported NL* Hedda fra Walaskjalf – the first purebred female in Bulgaria. The second goal was reached through establishing and registering in the court of the National Felinological Club “Semilonghair – Norwegian Forest Cat” as part of our National Federation of Felinology. The third one was achieved by importing D* Hoejmarken's Skjalm – the first purebred male in Bulgaria. The forth one is development of a show career of the breed in Bulgaria. The fifth one – establishement of next NFO catteries in Bulgaria. Next goals are coming true step by step…

Bijou's story starts abroad. He has been brought as a pet to a student here, who looked after him in the Student's town in Sofia. The boy was found allergic to cats (or developed it) and I was living in the same block and thus Bijou came to me. When I started to be interested in Felinology, I understood how important the pedigree is for breeding and showing, but it was too late, because that student moved too soon and we lost contacts. Than I wrote to international skogkatt organizations to try to find his pedigree, without realizing how impossible this mission was. Well, at least I was told how handsome he is and what a skogkatt look-like he has.

Bijou has a wonderful character! Even though he had showed rarely independence, he has always loved me and to be with me since we live together! I could tell a lot of stories like the one when we went to the vet to clean his teath from tartar and he had full trust in me and stayed silent in me, without any anaesthetic, while the vet was working in his mouth..., BUT, for me the most important is that he not just (co-)responds to his name, but that he every evening comes and lies on my pillow then gets under my blanket and purrs untill I fall asleep! His 100% trust in me is one of the biggest rewards in my life!

As a father he was always very careful and attentive, trying to do his best. Since 2004 he got “retired” and neutered, because he deserves merited and peaceful old ages:)

One night in Summer 2008 he woke me up with his voice and I saw him choking... I helped him and he survived that, but...obviously some liquide has passed to his lungs and he developped plevritis. I thought it was cured, but it become chronic and slowly ... he went away over the Rainbow Bridge... and my life is no longer the same... I hope he is happy there, where he is now...