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Norsk Bijou Cattery

GIC BG* Bijou-Becky Truened

Eiffel tower

NFO f 23

This Lady is produced in the Shumen town Cattery Truened and initially was in co-ownership with Rossitsa Cattery. After some changes in their plans she remained solely ours and moved to live with us. Her parents are from new and different lines for the country, which makes her very important for our breeding plans!:-) She has extremely calm and sweet temperament and 'riles' in the house with love and her toung!

Since April 2007 Becky became a FIFe Champion, May 2007 an International Champion, and since October 2011 - Grand International Champion of FIFe!!!:)

We hope she will continue her excellent show and breeding carear!:)

She is a perfect mother of our Litter D, Litter L and N, as well as Litter А in Rossitsa Cattery!:)





GIC BG* Bijou-Becky Truened
Show results


Place, Country

FIFe Judge


30.09.2006 Bucharest,
Angelika Kneifel, Germany Ex.1
01.10.2006 Alva Uddin, Sweden Ex.1
28/29.10.2006 FIFe World Cat Show 2006,
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Anne Veland, Austria Ex.3
18.11.2006 Sofia,
Alva Uddin, Sweden Ex.1
19.11.2006 Laura Burani, Norway Ex.1
14.04.2007 Sofia,
Waltraut Sattler, Germany CAC
15.04.2007 Heinz Gunter Scholler, Belgium CAC, BOX
28.04.2007 Bucharest,
Kvetoslava Mahelkova, Czech R. CAC, BIS
29.04.2007 Bohumir Mahelka, Czech R. CACIB, BIS
05.05.2007 Velika Gorica,
Waltraut Sattler, Germany CACIB, nom
06.05.2007 Laura Burani, Norway CACIB
17.11.2007 Sofia,
Maria Rihova, Czech Rep. CAGCIB, nom
18.11.2007 Kristina Rautio, Finland CAGCIB
09.02.2008 Ljubljana,
Satu Hamalainen, Finland Ex.1
10.02.2008 Steven Jones, Norway Ex.1
02.05.2009 Sofia,
Fabrice Calmes, Switzerland CAGCIB
03.05.2009 Stephe Bruin, Netherlands CAGCIB
27.03.2010 Plovdiv,
Yan Roca-Folch, France CAGCIB
28.03.2010 Lone Lund, Danmark CAGCIB
20.11.2010 Sofia,
Sirpa Lindelof, Sweden CAGCIB
21.11.2010 Henry Hornel, Norway CAGCIB
01.10.2011 Bucharest,
Henry Hornel, Norway CAGCIB
02.10.2011 Boris Lupan, Latvia CACS
19.11.2011 Sofia,
Hana Miriam Klein Gasbarri, Italy CACS, BIV
20.11.2011 Martin Sanda, Chech Rep. CACS